Leveraging AI in ways that really matter….

We're harnessing the power of data and AI to support companies and governments in solving pressing problems around the world. At Sand, every challenge is an opportunity for true innovation and impactful change.

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500+ humans. 40+ countries.
1 purpose.

Our secret weapon to changing the world is real inclusivity. With diverse representation across various levels of our business, we invite brilliant minds from all walks of life to share their unique perspectives on our journey to global transformation.

SandTech Careers: Join Our Team" - Picture of a diverse team collaborating on a project

Building sustainable solutions beyond
the “AI hype”

It takes centuries to build a cathedral that will last millenia. So at Sand, we honor cathedral builders. The ones who are bold enough to lay the foundation, patient enough to labor long after the hype fades, and thoughtful enough to leave a blueprint for the next generation of builders.

SandTech Careers: Join Our Team" - Picture of a diverse team collaborating on a projectSandTech Careers: Join Our Team" - Picture of a diverse team collaborating on a projectSandTech Careers: Join Our Team" - Picture of a diverse team collaborating on a project
SandTech Careers: Join Our Team" - Picture of a diverse team collaborating on a projectSandTech Careers: Join Our Team" - Picture of a diverse team collaborating on a project

But don’t take our word for it…

Hear from our people. Decide for yourself.

What truly sets Sand apart is its commitment to leveraging our expertise for the betterment of our clients. The company's focus on "AI for Good" resonates with my personal and professional values, as we work diligently to solve complex business challenges with innovative AI solutions. It's not just about technology; it's about making a meaningful difference in the world.

Kyle at Sandtech
Phillip Edwards (United States of America)
Business Development Executive

While the mission seems grand, I’m always blown away by the strategy Sand has taken to achieve it. It's incredible! The people in this organization are like a melting pot of pure awesomeness. Not only are the people warm but also, they’re so brilliant!

Njambi at Sandtech
Njambi Maina (Kenya)
People Operations Associate

Data driven, process focused and RUN! Everyone does such a great job in ensuring so many data points are collected so we can learn from them and pivot when needed. That's a massive benefit to us as a business and for our clients. Regarding RUN, our CEO said something that fits my personality so well - “Good enough is better than perfect”. Don’t focus on doing everything perfect, just focus on DOING!

Kyle at Sandtech
Jordan Cisco (United States of America)
Business Development Executive

I joined Sand to have the freedom to innovate and to be challenged to do hard things. I wanted to have impact; I wanted to push the boundaries on how we teach in this rapidly changing world. Sand is where innovation is encouraged, and pushing the limits is the norm. You're empowered to move fast, break barriers, and turn ideas into action. It's all about embracing the excitement of the journey and seeing where it takes you.

Kyle at Sandtech
Carmen Lewis (South Africa)
Head of Curriculum

I wanted to be in on the action and be part of an organization that makes a tangible difference in society, especially focusing on our own continent. There is never a dull moment here. Every day brings new challenges and forces one to think out of the box. I love interacting with all the amazing people that I work with and I am humbled at the brilliant minds coming together from all over the world to achieve a common purpose.

Bram at Sandtech
Bram Tu (South Africa)
Training & Development Specialist

We have an incredible team of talented, hardworking and passionate individuals who enjoy solving challenging problems and doing hard things. I’m extremely proud to be part of this inspiring community. The organizational culture and ways of working give me space to learn and develop myself, both personally and professionally, in ways I couldn’t even imagine.

Marine at Sandtech
Marine Scott (Mauritius)
Senior Fulfillment Lead

When I first learned about SAND I immediately realized it’s not really about the technology but about the people, their dreams, ambitions, and fulfillment in life. Two months into joining the org, I felt like I was home, surrounded by talented people who mentor and inspire me to do hard things.

Tomasz at Sandtech
Tomasz Wieczorek (Poland)
UI/UX Designer

Sand is a vibrant community where passion, innovation, and excellence converge. With a culture built on collaboration, unwavering commitment, and a deep respect for the human element, we've created an environment where work feels like play. We're Big Dreamers, and even Bigger Doers. If you're seeking a place, and a career, where you can truly make a difference and be part of something extraordinary, look no further -- come and Dream Big with us.

Tomasz at Sandtech
Sharon O’Donnell (United States of America)
Chief Experience Officer

My role is learning about customer problems and discovering meaningful solutions to them. The thing I like most about my role is the variety, I work across multiple products on both research and design, so no day is ever the same. I get to collaborate with lots of innovative and talented people across the organisation.

Matthew at Sandtech
Matthew Harper (United Kingdom)
UX/UI Lead

Sand's commitment to leveraging technology for positive impact resonated deeply with me, and my time here has been marked by an inspirational culture of innovation and collaboration that is driving genuine change in the world. It's a place where passion meets purpose, and everyday brings fresh potential for growth and influence.

Matthew at Sandtech
Ruby Igwe (Nigeria)
Lagos City Director

Working at Sand is like no company I have worked for historically. The distinctive culture, characterized by a relentless commitment to purpose, sets this company apart. In my five years here, no two days have been the same, the only thing I can expect on a daily basis is the unexpected, and that is what makes it so exciting.

Matthew at Sandtech
Richard Labuschagne (South Africa)
Head of Finance

Meaningful work motivates me and that has been the primary filter I apply to opportunities. My role at Sand allows me to have a go at this challenge in multiple ways- while we are taking on world scale challenges, we are solving them unconventionally using data science and AI. To top this, we are creating opportunities for thousands of talented people in Africa to set the continent on a path to rapid, sustainable development.

Matthew at Sandtech
Abhishek Sandhir (United Kingdom)
MD Telco

Sand is the space if you're looking to take your career, your goals and your skills to the next level. You're in an environment where you're challenged to do impossible things, and supported to make them possible. You’ll experience growth as a professional, as a leader and in your craft at the same time.

Kyle at Sandtech
Kyle Goulden (South Africa)
Head of Agency

How we hire

Sand’s hiring process is an integral part of our culture. We strive to provide a transparent, fair, and engaging recruitment experience. We cut through the fluff to get to know who you really are. During this process, you’ll get to know us too. With that in mind, we’ve broken down the process into a tangible map for you to follow.

How we hire in Careers at Sandtech

Step 1


Submit your application online. This is the very first screening stage, so take this as an opportunity to make a good first impression.

How we hire in Careers at Sandtech

Step 2

Intro call

The intro call is an opportunity for you to meet the team, learn more about us and the role you applied for, ask questions, and get a good feel of whether this is the right place for you.

How we hire in Careers at Sandtech

Step 3


A role-specific task that offers an opportunity for you to truly shine and sink your teeth into the kind of work you will be involved in if you are hired.

How we hire in Careers at Sandtech

Step 4

Team calls

Calls with relevant team members will take place during your interview process (such as your potential manager and our Culture Champions). Come prepared, ask questions and be sincere. This is an opportunity to assess mutual fit.

How we hire in Careers at Sandtech

Step 5


Once any necessary reference checks have been completed, you will receive a formal offer to join Sand if you are selected for the role. This is just the start of your journey to being part of our moonshot mission!

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